We build single-family rental portfolios across Nordics

An end-to-end platform to invest in dispersed residential housing at speed and scale.

Invest in bespoke portfolios of single-family residential property (SFR) across the Nordics

We provide complete investment solutions in SFR, managed by experts in real estate and supported by the newest technology and operational excellence.

How we invest

We provide our investment partners with robust and resilient income streams. Our investments are enabled through the most current AI technology and backed by extensive operational expertise with single-family residential properties (SFR) in the Nordics. Thus, providing our investors with the unique opportunity to invest in residential portfolios at scale.

Attractive Nordic assets

We use our proprietary data models to identify otherwise overlooked assets in major Nordic capitals that represent liquidity as well as strong growth both in population and local economy. All these factors allow us to forecast drivers for a future solid rental demand and value appreciations.

Tech-enabled property experts

We handpick SFR assets that offer an opportunity in the short term for a value uptick, leveraging our data models that use machine learning/artificial intelligence. The model is tailored towards SFR acquisition and evaluates millions of data points, accurately forecasting asset and rental prices. In addition, our real estate experts thoroughly vet each potential asset to ensure that the investment property can attract quality residents.

Become socially sustainable

We will soon be launching our value-adding product exclusive to our investors. Attract the highest quality residents by allowing them to save up minority ownership in their homes without compromising your financial return. This means more stability, better cash flow, and fewer operational expenses and helping residents become financially more stable on the pathway to becoming future homeowners.


Junaid Ahmad
Junaid Ahmad, Co-founder & CEO
Kamran S. Ahmed
Kamran S. Ahmed, Co-founder & CMO
Rasmus Juul-Nyholm
Rasmus Juul-Nyholm, Investor at Fairhomes, Co-founder Cobblestone A/S
Finn Träff
Finn Träff, Investor at Fairhomes, Partner at Winslow Advokater & Cobblestone A/S
Peter Lilja
Peter Lilja, Investor at Fairhomes, Founder & CEO at Heimdal Nordic
Adam Tareen
Adam Tareen, Investor at Fairhomes, Previous Head of iZettle DK (Sold to PayPal)

Made possible with our fully-integrated technology platform

2 days

2 days from lead to inspection with underwriting in seconds, not weeks


Over 50 variables & decisions considered per apartment

+500 mDKK

Fairhomes founders have previously managed +500 mDKK in AUM

+100 mDKK

Our transaction volume from last 12 months

Using technology to scale investments in residential real estate.

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